Kerkythea Material preview scene

I can proudly announce that the K-Team has finished the KT Material scene ( modeled and UV in Blender )
it will be released with the next official KT release .
Here are some images
UV test
green glass

for more information please go here

Greetings Patrick

That looks amazing. Good work. This is really going to boost KT popularity.

you should add some credits:

‘design stolen from maxwell renderer material database’


just jokin’


well, in the same logic, maxwell should have some credits
to 3dsMax having a preview of a sphere on top of a checker board,
right? :wink:

Or perhaps also from VRAY material preview… (ball with pedestal…)

These scenes are getting quite popular :smiley:

Anyway, it is looking quite good and professional. What is really amazing though, the materials are impressive. Especially the last one posted here and the wire shader on the KT Forum.

The renders are quite beautiful. I am curious what the render times are like.