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When I use B2K it just renders a black image, when I render it in BI it renders like it should any help? Also when I export it as xml then the image textures don’t come with it help there would be appreciated.

B2K is just a build that simply export to an file and it does not render.As far as i can remember you have to import the textures into kerkythea as well but you have to do the uv unwrap and map in blender.
Select the object (in kerkythea) then go to Settings click the material name and then diffuse and browse to the image texture.

ok thanks.

EDIT: how do I get my UV map to show in BI render let alone Kerkythea?

Thanks a lot to visit the page of this build :
where you can see all the renders that it can do.

If you are speaking of the Blender2KT build that’s perhaps because you didn’t activate the lamp’s buttons.

oh ok… But my I still need to know how to get my image tex to show(I have UV mapped it.

If you used the uv/image editor for that, no problem, Blender2kt exports correctly (and better than the script) all the uvcoords. Are you sure that the image’s format is compatible with Kerkythea ?

it’s a JPG would it?

I just did a test with a jpg image here and it works fine with the last windows build .

Just a word to say that the last window build is based on the “standard” version of Blender 2.47.