Kerning Table for renderable text

Throwing this out there in the hope that it draws some attention:

Blender allows us to kern individual pairs of letters for renderable text. When a selection of text that has various instances of kerning applied is copied and pasted to another text object, the kerning information is saved! This is great, my question and wish is to be able to import a kerning table for any given font so i will only have to kern pairs manually once and reuse that file often. This would allow for better looking typography (especially a problem with larger portions of text - manually rekerning is a pain)

if it was possible to make this available via python we would be on a roll! Any ideas?

I’m digging through the source : source/blender/editors/curve / editfont.c
is anyone interested in this?

int kern, delta= RNA_int_get(op->ptr, "delta");

Atom, i think a solution can be found using your particle approach. We all love correctly kerned text, but the act of kerning simply isn’t everyones cup of tea. You mention the Y-offset per letter, yep! Altho i don’t use it often there are many valid reasons to use it, that’s a great example. Time to dig into your AddOn, thanks for having interest in this stuff!

Hey there!
For my bachelor thesis I’m working on a 3D presentation Blender plugin and right now I’m trying to figure out, how to fix the kerning…
I realize this post is almost 10 years old, but I was wondering, if you are still active and maybe found a way to fix the kerning with a script or something.
Anyway I will appreciate any comments or tips, thanks :slight_smile: