hey, just wanted to know what you think about this.
All c&c are welcome.

  1. It’s a tad on the dark side.
  2. I’d rework the bottle a bit. It should look more like its a glass bottle with ketchup in it rather than a red bottle.
  3. Maybe increase or add a normal map to the wood for the grinder thingy. It looks dull, I’m guessing it needs more highlighting.
  4. The blade doesn’t look all that metallic. But it could be because, as I said before, the scene is on the dark side.

Apart from this large list of criticism, it’s a good scene.

Thanks for the reply , your right its a bit to dark, I focused to match on details.
The bottle was very painful to have it like its looks now, so I see later on to fix that.
Now I try to make it used , so don’t hesitate to critics ,or to tell my your idea’s.:eek:

looks very good, although I’m not a big fan of the tomato’s material… and the potatoes (they are potatoes right?) could use some texturing - if their peeled you will get angular faces where the blade has cut the skin off and if their not then they’ll at least have some sort of spots… The green chilli’s (no… not peppers :p) look great, but the red ones look sort of washed out and bland - make them more reddera :).

also, this might be just a matter of taste but I think the pepper grinders might look better if their made from a darker wood?

apart from that I think you may be bordering on the photorealist realm :slight_smile:

Hey, this is great. I really like the rustic feel. Like Divine Rage said, the wood on the salt and pepper needs some work. It kind of looks like just a cloud texture on there, so maybe try to find a new one, or rework what you have now.

The tomatoes are what throw me off next. They’re too much of a solid colour. put some blemishes on them and some scars or something. Tomatoes don’t often get that ripe every where. some spots on them dont get as much sun resulting in a yellowy, light greeny patch.

The green peppers are great! the red ones seem a bit weird to me too. Maybe try making them a bit more red? I’m not really sure. Maybe just leave them…,

Finally, I think that’s salt on the table in front of the salt shaker, but it looks more like little rocks. I think they’re too dark and too big to be salt from a shaker.

I’m excited to see this one progress. Keep it up!

thanks for the usefully crits.
I’m working on the tomatoes but it is the first time I used sss , so good tips and suggestions are welcome.
I add a wood texture on the pepper wringer , I think its match better now.
Red peppers are more red now, looks better to.
In the bowl I try to add eggs but if it looks like potato’s the texture most be very bad :o, so take a look now, and tell me.:slight_smile:

Thanks again, and this rustic feeling is just coincidence , my imagination is low now .But I like sometimes this old fashion things.Remind me on old calendar’s.

oh their eggs… i think what through me off is that their much too big for eggs - make them smaller and, perhaps, slightly more egg shaped.

The red chillies look much better, although if possible they would look much better if they where more wrinkled:

also the pepper coming out of the grinder is not wrinkled enough and slightly too dark:

as for the tomatoes, i think they need some more discoloring, kinda like this:

it might also help if you make them look kinda wet, as though they have just been taken out of the fridge, like this: