Key Drivers

Anyone figure out how to do Shape Key Drivers in Blender 2.5? I’m totally stuck.


I experimented a bit and managed to get a driver working with an Empty. In the attached blend file I have an Empty that is Driving the location of the cube on the X axis. Moving the Empty in the X direction moves the Cube in the X direction.

I would have tried to get it to work with Shapekeys but I haven’t figured out how to do shapekeys in 2.5 yet. So if you can point me at how to do normal undriven shapekey I will try and see if I can get it to work with those also.

Hope the blend file helps.


Blender 2.5 - Cube Driven by Empty.blend (57.8 KB)


Looks like I got shape keys figured out so I tried the same thing with adding a driver to the shape key value and it seems to work.

Attached is a Blend file


Blender 2.5 - Shapedkeyed Cube Driven by Empty.blend (60 KB)

Oh ok, sweet. I was making progress on my own, but hadn’t quite gotten it yet. I’m gonna check out your file and see what you did.

How can I change the driver type from location to rotation?


Very brief rundown on how to add a Driver to a cube.

  1. Select the cube.
  2. Open up the properties window (Key N)
  3. You now need to add a driver to the cube
  4. To add a driver for rotation to the Cube, right click on the rotation field in the Transform properties window (the window that appears when you press the N key). To add a driver for the Y rotation field right click the Y field and select the Add Single Driver option. When you do this the field with a driver will turn a purple color.
  5. Now with the driver added to the cube for Rotation on the Y axis you now need to add another object that will be the controller of the driver that is now on the cube.
  6. Add an empty. This will be what the driver on the cube will read to determine its rotation on the Y axis. Move the empty away from the cube so as to make it easier to get to.
  7. In my case I moved the empty along the Y axis so that it is infront of the cube.
  8. Switch to the Graph Editor window and change the mode of the Graph Editor from F-Curve Editor to Drivers (the dropdown menu is in the header near the bottom of the window).
  9. You should now be able to see the Driver for the Cube.
  10. Now press the N Key to see the View Properties of the driver.
  11. Change the Type field in the Properties to Sum Values.
  12. In the Value field is should already be set to object. If it is not then make sure to set it to object. Then select the other field to the right and select the Empty that should be listed. This step associates the empty object with the current driver.
  13. Now that the empty is linked with the driver you need to say which value of the Empty will be used to alter the driver values.
  14. The field that does this is called Path:. In the case of this blend file I decided to link the X location of the empty to drive this driver (the Y rotation value). But what value goes in the Path field to do this, well in this case the value would be location[0]
  15. Entier location[0] into the Path field.
  16. Then click the Update Dependencies button and hopefully if everything is done right now when you move the empty in the X location the cube should rotate on the Y axis.
  17. If you do not know the value to put in the Path field, you can copy the value by right click on the field you wish to use as the driver value and select the Copy Data Path option. This will copy the name of that value into the clipboard which you can then paste into the Path field with Ctrl-V.
  18. For example location[0] mean location of the x axis. location[1] is for the y axis location. location[2] is the z axis location.

Attached is the blend file that results if you follow these step.


Blender 2.5 - Cube Driven by Empty Rotation on Y.blend (61.6 KB)

Thanks, but what I want to do is to have the shapekey driven by a posebone

I tried setting in the n-tab of graph editor Object->Armature-> Bonename.rotation_quaternion, but i doesn’t function very well. The file is in the other topic


I’ve got it

It was all for that [0/1/2] i was’nt adding

thanx a lot, Your step-explanation made my (brain)lights glow up.
Some points about,
when changing to the graph-editor-view it is necessary to select
the cube and its rotation. After adding the empty normaly this driver
is not selected and pressing N-Key will show only the property of the
current selected empty.
Next if i do all, there is a “modifier” automatically added for the cube-driver,
i could delete it and everything did work like it would not be there(any
knowledge why it appears or function of it?)
and last
it is not necessary to change the “scripted expression” of the type to the
“sum value” type if one set into the expression-field (expr) the name
of the driver var(that is default “var” - but one should use a specific name)
and it is easy possible to set up some calculation to scale the rotation then
like “2*var” and so on.

I also struggeled with driver today. This thread is really helpfull. However it seems I stumbled at a bug.

I can drive many things, but not (murphy) the one (Material “emit”) I tried at the first time…