Key frame selection...

Is there a way to select all the “points” in a vertical row in the Action window? It’s super annoying to adjust timing when it takes like 15 seconds to select all the bones’ keyframes manually. I couldn’t find a hotkey… :mad:

Not automatically, that I’m aware of. You have to use B-Key box-select. This is easier if you have your Action Window viewed tall so you can access all or lots of keys at once.

I’m fairly sure I read somewhere that a column-select option was on the cards though.

Thank god. That’s more important than any advanced features. I’ve got it as tall as possible, it still takes 2 or 3 scrolls.

Yes, in the CVS builds, Aligorith has added a bunch of neat tools for the Action editor and IPO editor.

You select one or more key-“node”/“point”(s), then press K (menu Select/ Select Keys Column

He’s also added named markers to the action window (same keys as timeline “m” for new, ctr-M to rename … shift-M to move a marker), which is great for annotating your action keys.

You can get a windows CVS build here.
(You might have a problem downloading with I.E. I use Getright and it downloads fine)

There are so many cool things in CVS … and with 2.43 release imminent CVS is really 2.43 in practice, the only thing I use the standard 2.42a for, is to check /answer questions people here have for possible bugs.


It’s working in CVS now, see my previous post :slight_smile: