Key frames appear on eg. frame 100, even though my cursor is on frame 60!!

This never happened in Blender 2.49b.
How come there seems this difference between the frame I am standing at, and the frame where the key frames appear?
In the animation data panel I have tried to adjust strip extents and actions extents so they have similar start and end frames, but this doesnt fix the problem
So how to fix this?
Jeese, I never thougt it would be so difficult and time consuming to change from 2.49b to 2.68, even though I still dont regret that I did it, because there are so many improvements:) but there seems to be some basic obstacles for a moron like me:eek:

You have to provide more information, maybe screenshots or blend file. By right, key frames should appear on the current frame.

are your time remapping settings messed with? the normal should be 100 100… if the numbers are not the same then it coudl be messing with the keyframes.

Thanks for helping - I attach a screenshot of the animation data panel. As a matter of fact, I notice that the keyframes DO appear on the frame number where my cursor is when clicking on the mouse button, - so the problem really is the green vertical line which makes me believe that the cursor is somewhere else, - the green line is lagging behind so to speak, approx 40 frames I think.

Thanks doublebishop, your advice proved to solve th problem:)
If anyone else experiences this problem, do as follows:

Look in Properties panel > Render > Dimensions > Time Remapping. Default settings are 100/100.