Key Frames in Compositor / Node Editor

Sorry its another dumb question.
I have a tracking mask. The track is pretty good.
The mask is fine but the way I using it is to pass through a transform node to tweak its x & y to shift it to a different place.
I’m effectively creating an overlay.
Its mostly but fine but I need to tweak the transform node from timee to time.
In a video editor, I would insert a keyframe and tweak.
Is there a compositor / node equiv.
It’s getting close, I nearly have my 1st play around video , apart from audio as in my other question.
If I can get both of these working, my wife may let me have some chips ( French Fries ) as a treat for dinner :slight_smile: Yippeee that will be a happy meal not miccy d :slight_smile:
Seriously, thank you for any help you give, hopefully one day I will be good enough to help others.

In any node entry field when moused over it you can press the i key to make it a key frame.