Key frames-local and global orientation.

Hello there, i have a little problem animating with new blender.
I’m used to ICO curves, where you could find lot of kinds of movement, local ang global based rotations etc.
Using that, there was no problem to make little roatated (25o) object rotating in global horizontal line in 180o, and in same time, make it rotating around it’s own z axis.

Similar to rolling tube (rotate and placement framerates), but instead going forward, i want object to spin in place, with litle set angle, like compas’s leg.

THE PROBLEM: instead of my neaty dreamed nice animation, i get something like “insane elastic pipe atached to mad drill motor”… best way to describe this effect.

I’m playing with F-curve editor and i’m making middlestep at 180o to make my object actually spin in 360o

Just how i can add diffrent rotation values based on diffrent directioning (global, local, gimbal etc…). It looks that blender right now, uses only global orientation system

4.33 am… i want to throw my laptop throught window :<

First thing is what version of blender are you using? - in 2.5x you just extend the rotation curve linearly to continue rotations, none of the zigzag you had to do in 2.4x. May help to see a post of your ipo/ f-curves and a little vid of behavior.

Is your goal something like a planet in a solar system?

oh, it’s 2.5x
graphic representation of problem

youtube video of what i have