Key frames not holding?

(Kristen Champion) #1

I hope Im posting this in the correct location…

New user here. Ive only been using Blender since June. Im having a problem key-framing a group of objects.
I keyframe the objects together showing product as a whole… next when I space the objects apart and keyframe them (LocRot) for an exploded view, the keyframing doesn’t hold! Everything snaps back together despite the dopesheet showing that the keyframes still exist.

Here is my blend file

Im trying to achieve this…

But end up with this (as reflected in my final kf)…


(Arkinum) #2

Are you moving/scrubbing the timeline after you reposition everything?

The minuit you touch the timeline or play the anim it will bump everything to the location/rotation you set in the previous keyframe.

Edit: so make sure you move your timeline before making changes and setting new keyframes

Edit2: If that’s not the issue it may be easier to help you if you share your blend file or give some screen shots

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Thanks for your input. I move to the next frame on the timeline. Then I adjust my objects how I need them. Then I insert the LocRot frame and scrub to try and see what Ive done. As soon as I move off the newly made kf, everything snaps back where it was initially… Let em get my file and ill try and load it

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I actually had to look up the answer because even I couldn’t figure it out lol.

Anyway, you somehow linked all the objects together during the animation process. To fix the problem just select all the mesh objects and press U > Object animation.

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It worked!!! Thank you so much! I was getting very frustrated