Key Frames visual, but no animation

I made a model (a deer model) and have 23 bones with it. The mesh is parented to the armature and the vertices painted. The mesh corresponds to the bones perfectly. I have keyed a few poses, and when I go to play back the animation, ether alt+a or the play button my animation is not showing. When I move back the green bar over the key frames, no movement still. What could be possible solutions to this problem?

Anybody? Help is needed here.

Were you trying to insert some keyframes for bones that were controlled by IK bones? There was a bug in 2.48/2.48a that (I’ve now fixed in svn-trunk), which meant that IK-constraints were ignored when trying to insert visual keys.


Yea, that’s it. I was using bones controlled by IK bones. I guess I will just download Blender 2.47 again. Thanks