Key frames

Ok i probably havn’t looked much for it…but is there a way to edit keyframs? Like move them or delete them? Any help is welcome. Thanks

Depends what you mean by keyframe. IPO Curves can be edited like curves in the 3D window; Tab into edit mode, RMB select and G. The “Curve” Menu in the IPO window has other options as does the “Point” menu.

Still in the IPO window K will bring up real Keyframes and RMB select and G work the same. K again to hide them.

In the Action window Keys can beRMB or Box selected and Grabbed but there is no Edit mode.


I am talking about the keyframes you set with the “i” button…the yellow lines you see in the sequence line thingy…how do you delete and move those? or is there a way?

Just RMB select it and hit X >> Keys.


Change one of your windows to the IPO Window. if you see lines that go from left to right or maybe are wavy lines that are like purple and blue and stuff and go up and down like a wave, press K and you will see white/yellow vertical lines, called keyframes.

When u see vertical lines, move your cursor over one of them and click your RMB on one of the lines to select it. Then press G to move it, or as Fligh says, X to delete it. see for a mini-tutorial

The NLA editor also gives you good control as well, you can move your keyframes to other frames, etc. or delete them. You will see a diamond on each frame you insert, depends on if you have the armature or object selected too, as they each have their own actions(keys)