Key framing collection visibility?

Hi. I was wondering if the visibility options for a collection are able to be animated. Unfortunately I can not manage to do it. I found out on other forums that apparently this is not possible. But with Blender there is always someone that knows a hack. If this feature is not ready, I believe it could be a great time saver.

I do not believe collection render visibility is able to be done, but object render visibility in the collection is able to be done. With the outliner filter and enable the camera render icon. You can then hover over the camera icon and press “i” to insert a keyframe of it visible then move to the frame you want it not visible then uncheck the camera “rendered” icon and press “i” again. When trying it on collections it won’t work though so depending on how much is in the collection that is a lot of clicking for keyframe rendering.

Yes, that is how I have been working. The reason why I ask about the collections is to have a faster workflow. You can imagine that having a collection with 30 meshes that I need to press on and off and key frame it for different frames in an animation showing machines working…It could be quite tedious.

I guess it is not possible to hide and key frame things as collections then…

I am sure there is but I haven’t found it yet. I miss 2.79 for that same reason. You used to be able to put everything you wanted to hide into one layer and then in the scene settings you could animate layer masks. I haven’t found the same in 2.8x yet so I will be watching this thread as well for a possible answer.