Key Modifiers in Logic Bricks and object movement in BGE


I have two questions regarding problems I have in the BGE.

The first one is about the key modifiers. I’m using the 4 arrow keys to rotate an object with the logic bricks (not in python as I’m a noob with it) which works perfectly fine and want to use the combination of LEFTSHIFT+UP/DOWN ARROW for moving forwards and backwards, respectively. But when I press those keys the object behaves the same as if I’m pressing only the up/down arrow (it rotates).

My second question is if I can have a static origin for an object that doesn’t change even if I’m moving or rotating it in my game.

Specs: Mac 10.11.5 and Blender 2.76

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Each sensor evaluates positive (or not positive) on different events.

Lets look at your (assumed) setup:

A) When <UP> -> turn
B) When <UP> and <leftshift> -> move

Why do you think that A) and B) are exclusive events?

What do you think you can do to make it exclusive?

I thought that, given I’m using different controllers for each of them, they’re exclusive events and one can only trigger the respective actuator.

You made me think and trying <w> to move would solve the problem so, as you suggested, there must be some kind of link. The problem is that I don’t know how to make them exclusive events. And due to the application I need to use that combination of keys.

I thought that by using different controllers for each sensor they would be exclusive events. But I have tried using a different key (w) and the movement works fine. So they are not exclusive. The problem is that I don’t know how to change that as I need to use that combination for the application.

I only started recently with Blender so please excuse my ignorance in certain matters :wink:

Try this, and a controller expression, type in " w and (not w_shift) " which basically means if a sensor named w is activated and sensor named w_shift is not activated, the actuator will be activated. Connect both sensors to this new expression controller and the rotation actuator.
Also, rename your sensors to w and w_shift.
(or the expression it self, you choice)

I hope this helps.

I understand the concept and implemented it as you said but it doesn’t work for me. Only if I want the sole key to activate something it works. Once I use a modifier with the structure and want it to activate something it doesn’t work (“w_shift and (not w)” for example).