key on camera while follow path

i have a camera that follow a path, now i also want to give the cam some key to move it a little bit from the path, but when i give the cam a key its jump away and getting crazy, how can i do that?
(i want to do a path for a bullet, and the cam is also go on the same path, byt insted of doing the same move like the bullet i want to give the cam a little offset and go more up above the bullet)

after i almost jump from the roof becuse this stupid problem i finelly find the answer!
in the prefencr, you need to not check “visual keying” in the editing tab, i have some problem so i check that cuse i hope to solve the old problem, but its just make me a big new one…
what the hell this stupid thing do anyway?

Objects can be constrained, in that case their transform values don’t necessarily reflect their actual transformations in 3D space. When you use visual keying, any keyframing will operate on the actual position of those objects, not just those given by their transform values.

Sample file donwload from here


FOLLOW.blend (534 KB)