Key (Stray Inspired)

This piece is meant for my dog, Key. Let me talk about his story very quickly.
He left from our house for his new hooman when he was 3 months old. However, as a friend of mine could no longer keep him due to the difficulties of the pandemic, he came back to me two years later. Although he doesn’t remember his childhood, he is the friendliest dog among his brothers. After Stary (A videogame) came out, I got inspired and decided to make an art piece for my doggo.

Alright enough talking. Let’s get back to the art piece. They overall scene is basically based on the POV of Key (my dog) from his tiny house where he sleep. I also took many inspiration from Stray.

Here’s the before and after of post processing.
I used photoshop this time to get some halation effect and did color grading in lightroom.

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