Key to the soul

(snailrose) #1

Hey all here is another pic done in ps…

Let me know what you think


(BgDM) #2

Hey there, very nice. And yep, art is art. Post what you want here. I beleive Kib even said so when he started this forum.

Keep up the inspiring work!


(wavk) #3

Cool image! What’s your technique? I guess you used photo’s. Did you use a tablet?

Have fun,

(snailrose) #4

What I did was take 4 photos and used one for the back ground
then set transparency to the others,
I used the define pattern and fill,
I have no real technique just experimenting…


(DreamMaster) #5

Very moody and inspiring… it makes me feel like I have found that key that I have lost for 50 years or something (even though I’m almost 18 years old :P).

Photoshop’s fun to play around with right eh?

(wavk) #6

Yo DreamMaster, thanks for explaining. I think most masterpieces come to life when experimenting:)

Have fun,


(eeshlo) #7

I like that very very much, I don’t care how or what it was created with, Art is not determined by the tools you use…