Key to toggle between Grease Pencil draw mode and edit mode (or any two modes)

Hello all,

Is it possible to have a shortcut Key to switch between draw and edit modes instead of Object mode and last used mode. I think a Key to “go to previous mode” will be able to do this for all use cases, not just grease pencil draw and edit modes. Example: I use pie menu to go to edit mode and then again pie menu to go to draw mode and then I use the “go to prevous mode” key to switch between them.

If not possible I will make a feature request.

I didn’t notice this before you mentioned it. This behavior is odd, and inconsistent with how mesh objects work because tab does toggle between the last mode and edit mode when you press tab. You should report this issue on this thread in the devtalk forum:

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Thankyou. I have made a reply on that thread.