indigo. woo

I think there is too much noise…

anyway the shader is good, maybe a too dark lighting.

well, yeah theres too much noise, thats beucase it is still rendering (as i said before, im using indigo) thats why im posting it in the WIP section, beucase its still in the process of rendering as i type this.

and yeah, ill make it brighter. i was thinkin that too

update(rendered more, you can see the detail)

Something’s wrong. It looks like a dog chewed on it or something. Unless it’s supposed to be really old, you might want to adjust whatever makes it look scratched like that.

That 2nd image is cool, though one thing that strikes me is that it almost looks to me like it’s a picture of a key drawn onto paper. It doesn’t immediately jump out as being 3D. Not quite sure what makes it look like that - maybe it’s simply because of the background looking like paper. Otherwise, nice render.

looks 3d to me:D

well, i modeled that off my real house key, which is many years old and very scratched, especially when you look at it as closely as in this picture. i mean, the key is no bigger than 2 inches in lengh, so you cant really see all the tiny little scratches unless you look at it as closely as this render.
and dan, i dont really see it that way, but maybe thats becuase ive been staring at the unrendered version in blender all night…who knows. oh well. its going to be put in a scene soon, so i hope it wont look like a drawing.

nothing wrong with that key, and most keys just happen to be very scratched anyway.