Keyboard actuator logging?

I have tried to use a Keyboard Actuator to collect text into a string property as described in the Game documentation.

It doesn’t seem to work - what am I doing wrong?

I set the keyboard sensor to ALL KEYS. Created a boolean property called ‘bool’, value false. Type ‘bool’ into the logtoggle box. Created a string property called ‘text’, type ‘text’ into the Property box.

But the property is not being updated.

Any ideas?


Well, the property that indicates if keystrokes should be logged into a property must be ‘true’ if you want the keystrokes logged. In your case it is the property ‘bool’ that needs to be set to true.
Otherwise it doesn’t log the keystrokes (as it is supposed to when set ‘false’).

Thanks for that. Yes, the property called bool (just to cause confusion) was indeed set to True.

However, because I couldn’t retrieve the value, I thought it wasn’t being updated.

And I thought the value in the LogicBrick would get updated - but it doesn’t.


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i hope this helps