keyboard hotkeys >blender2maya

Attempt of a painless transition >blender2maya
The transition from one app to the other, is always painful, as one has gained a certain workflow. I am still only messing around with the PLE, so by the time I make that kind of investment, I would like to be able to rock?n roll from the start.

To make the transition as painless as possible, I thought it would be a good idea to assign as many blender hotkeys as possible to the same or similar maya functions.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of functions maya has. My attempt consists in the following:

  1. List all maya and blender hotkeys. (done)
  2. Compare blender functions(with assigned hotkeys) with maya functions (or similar) and make a list> to do
  3. assign the blender short cut to the same or similar maya function (check if the maya function already has a hotkey assigned and put it on the available list.
  4. drink a cold beer out of a icy frozen glass (>done, hmm, I will repeat this step?)

not every function is important, as everybody uses certain functions, while others never ever will be used. So everybody learns individually ?his? hotkeys and that?s it.
I still think it is worth the effort to compare the blender and maya terms and make a list of them, as it will save a lot of time afterwards. So if anyone out there thinks it is a good idea, please feel welcome to add some stuff to that list. As there are so many functions it would maybe be a good idea to split it into: animation/ modeling/ etc.

Maya is quite different from Blender in its interface. When I first started using Maya I did the same thing you’re trying to do- remap all the hotkeys so it would behave more like Blender. Trouble is, if you learn from tutorials you’ll find yourself quickly confused. Also if you’re going to be using Maya professionally (as in a production company) it’s best to use the normal keymappings so you don’t have to modify each computer you work with.

At first you WILL get confused and try and use the same hotkeys between the two programs, but you WILL learn to adjust as I have done. And besides, I still do most of my modeling in blender and then just use the OBJio script to export to Maya…

i agree with ripsting. i’d spend the time on learning the maya functions and where to find them. once you know them well, you can start customizing the interface - maya has lot’s of possibilities here (marking menus, shelves, hotkeys…)

yeah…you,r propably right…once you deiscover the power of costum markin menues ,shelves and the use of the hotbox…but there are some “instinctive” keys like “g” I still tend to press and that can cause some trouble.
I don’t think it would cause any trouble with others(in an production environment), as one could just have the blender-hotkeys assigned throug a MEL-script, meaning, that once u finished the scripy it’s all back to default.
I might be mistaken on that point, but as far as I am aware of the power of MEL-plug-ins, which are comparebale to the python-stuff in blender, once u finish the script its back to default.
well I got the mouse behaving a bit like blender(rmb instead of mmb), thanks to >camera tools .
But you are right…its just the matter of fact that one has learned how it works and now it does not work what you learned %|

There’s a default file called “userHotkeys.mel” that is saved when you update the hotkeys through Window->Settings/Preferences->Hotkeys…
In windows it’s located under My Documents\maya\5.0\prefs\