"keyboard.key" always returns 0

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I already have created a Thread in the Blender.org Forum
but unfortunately nobody will answer to it. So I will give it a try here.

The Thread is here: http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27285


The API states that sensor.key simply returns the keycode the sensor is looking for. Since the “key” field in your sensor is nothing, it is returning zero.

To get a list of the pressed keys, use sensor.events instead. This handles multiple keys pressed at once. For every event in the list index[0] is the keycode and index[1] is the key status.

Try changing your if-else statement at the end of the script for this :

for event in keyboard.events :
if event[0] == 129 :

[INDENT=2]owner.localPosition.x = posX[/INDENT]
else :


Hi Muffy,

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