keyboard layout

anybody know a way to make good keyboard layouts?
sorry i havent been on in a while i just needed a break from making my game.

What kind of keyboard layouts are you talking about? Do you mean “What keys would be good for this and that?” or do you mean “What is a good way to program/setup a keyboard layout in Blender?”

What keys would be good for this and that and What is a good way to program/setup a keyboard layout in Blender? for the first i mean for Shooting while in a vehicle and FPS. For the Second is there a easier way to setup a keyboard layout than setting each key up individually i mean the way you set it up in blender. i dont know how to word it but i hope you understand

ummm I think a good WSAD setup for the car would be nice while you look around with the mouse and slaughter things.

And use a mouse zoom too! And shift for fast, and perhaps even set it so you can lock it on.

I think Blendme is asking about a way to setup a KeyConfiguration mechanism. He is not asking for which keys to use. Am i right Blendme
If i am right then there is one KeyBoard Customizer .blend file written by Blengine. It can be download from Blender3d site. It comes with many other files - see downloads you may find something like game demo - it contians many files as examples - see the control.blend that tells you how to customize keys.

the best in my opinion are the ones from Quake 2, commonly used today in mose FPS I have …

WS, forward reverse

AD, Left Right Straffe

mouse, camera

mouse button, weapond /alt weapond

mousewheel switch weaponds…

THe greatest way, is to start out with the above, and let the user define, and save custom layouts.

Yes the keyboard customizer can someone please give me a link i cant seem to find it. and is there a way to change look sensitivity in game if i use mouse to control camera.