Keyboard+Mouse Suggestions?

Hello. I have been using blender for 4 years now, and I am thinking of getting a new keyboard+mouse combo. Can I please have your suggestions on what to get? I am a mac user, and I want something reasonably priced. Thank you!

Go to a store with keyboard and mice on show so that you can handle them to see which feels best for YOU. People can recommend all they like but it in no way means that they’ll feel ok for you. This is a purely personal choice you need to make. There are questions you need to consider that no user here knows such as, are you right or left handed and how big/small are your hands, have you had any medical problems with your wrists, how is your posture when you sit, what mouse and keyboards have you used in the past, desktop or laptop?

I like logitech mice. They have the thing where you can bump the scroll wheel sideways, and a bunch of the new ones have the toggleable low friction scroll wheel (it just keeps scrolling for a long time, it is cool)

I agree with Richard though.

Ahh, this is funny! You see, a while ago I used to work on a sun system doing some cadam stuff. I had two keyboards. One on the right and one on the left. The one on the left had dials and more keys. I could zoom, pan, rotate and all kinds of other stuff. It was a powerful system! In fact there were some occasions that I would write entire letters within a period (.) . You could not even see them unless you zoomed in. It was sort of running joke, yet a friend of mine used to do this all of the time. The resolution on these systems were about 100,000,000 to 1. I hope that no one ever notices!

Oh, yet I digress, here have look, some are free, some are not really expensive, and most are certainly easier than trying to hard-wire cntrl, alt, shift, and whatnot into floor peddles (I never could play the foot peddles on an organ)

Cheers, pix

A4Tech makes the best keyboards… i tried many models and they’re very comfortable and durable

i ended up getting the apple magic mouse and keyboard with numeric keypad. they’re both awesome

A magic mouse for Blending? Doesn’t that mean you have to hold down the Alt key whenever you want to MMB-click, or can you set up a multi-touch ‘command’ for middle mouse click?