Keyboard preferences

What kind of keyboard do you like to use?

I prefer chunky n’ clunky.

I can’t stand mac keyboards anymore, even though I work on mac at times, I just can’t stand those little tiny keys keyboards.
Strange question I know, but I have a thing for keyboards.

Feel free to post pics of your favorite keyboard(s) :cool:

Chiclet keyboard all day every day. I can’t stand anything else. All the extra mass of regular keys just gets in the way. Right now I’m using a Deathstalker by Razer.

Hmm interesting.

Do you use it for both gaming and blender?

Yep. I’m not too picky either. I used this for two years before I upgraded with no issues. Really all I got with this keyboard is some nice backlit keys and some new issues that go along with anti-ghosting. Oh and a useless on the fly macro capability.

Lately I’ve been experimenting a bit trying to use a Razer Tartarus with blender and my wacom tablet without much success. Has anyone else tried something like this and got it to work well?