Keyboard sensor problem

So I have a menu.
You navigate between the options with the arrow keys.
To choose an option, you press ‘SPACE’

I can’t explain the problem so try this.

1: Download the blend (under)
2: Start it. (now you’re supposed to be in game)
3: Choose ‘New’
4: Choose ‘Slot 1’

Now you should see an input box.

5: Press space… it do nothing.

Here’s the problem, the only line of code executed is ’ print (‘test’) ’ But there’s more.

6: quit (esc key)
7: Replace the key in the keyboard sensor by any key but ‘enter’ and ‘space’
8: Do step 2 to 5 again.

Now it execute the code normally.

Any help please?

PS: I used Message actuators and sensors to try to ‘bypass’ this bug

Blend : (425 KB)

I didn’t download the .blend, because “this blend was not supposed to be posted”, and that indicates that you didn’t simplify down to something that could be reviewed easily.

Try to simplify - Take the set up that you have in your main file, and try to make a simplified example in a new .blend, where the issue is still present.

This will be easier to debug, for you, and for others.

I don’t know what I did but it now works correctly.

It’s so funny how often that happens in blender…