Keyboard shortcut to turn Normals on and off?

I’ve searched on this and just haven’t found anything on it. I know how to do this with the mouse in Viewport Overlays, but it would be a lot easier to just be able to turn them on and off with a keystroke. Is that possible?

Right click on the button in the overlays panel and choose “assign shortcut” or add it to the quickfavorites there.


Cool! Just learned not only how to do it for Normals, but that led me to look up quick favorites. Some of these things you just don’t know exist until someone tells you!

Is there an easy way to do that with a sequence of steps? Like a sequence to move the cursor to the selected vertex, then move back to Object Mode and move the object origin to the cursor?


Well it sounds as if you are asking for macro functionality. That does not exist. You can only do that by programming in python.

Believe it or not, I did write a plug-in for some stuff I had to do a few years ago - but since it’s Python, which I know, I could handle it - but all that work doesn’t help me with other stuff!

(I was doing 3D plans for a deck to submit to the county for a building permit. Amazing how easy that was compared to so much else. I was using simple shapes like boards and just putting them in place - no complex objects. The plug-in I wrote worked with saving JPG Blender images on existing images with all the specs and so on printed on them.)

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