Keyboard shortcut toggle for VSE Sync options

Hello, all. Working in the VSE, there are times where I’d like to preview what’s on the timeline in full with no skips or frame dropping, so I go to the Playback > Sync drop-down and select No Sync (I’m using the default Video Editing workspace). After the machine has cached the maximum preview it can, I’ll go back to the Playback > Sync drop-down and select A/V Sync.

Doing this with a clip with less than 5 clips isn’t a big deal, but can get tedious with an actual 1’30" video with 100 sequences.

Any suggestions on how a keyboard shortcut could be set (and any suggestions which keys) to set a toggle between A/V Sync, Frame Dropping and No Sync?

Bonus points for who can tell me how to mute audio while using No Sync…but I’m afraid that something like that (multiple actions) calls for a Python script attached to the shortcut.

I know some egghead :egg: here knows! :laughing: Thanks in advance!