keyboard weirdness - keys switching

Hi all:

I have version 2.49 (Windows PC) of Blender and when I press “Left SHIFT + Left ALT” to move objects around in the windows the Blender program I get the unwanted effect of switching some keys on the keyboard.

Namely q for a and z for w. These keys now act like the other. This persists until I hit the above combination then the keys return to their normal functions.

This is driving me insane!!

I am new to the program so is there something I turned on or is there something I should be turning off to get this odd behavior to stop.

If this is a bug PLEASE FIX.




You have the azerty keyboard layout enabled on you computer and the shift alt key combination is set to switch between it and your normal layout. It’s not a bug in blender. You can disable the layout by going to control panel -> Regional and Language Options. Select the Languages tab and click on the Details button. The layouts enabled are listed in box. You can select the azerty layout and click on the Remove button if you don’t want to use it. You can also change/disable the key combination to switch the layout by clicking on the key settings at the bottom. Select the “Switch between input languages” setting in the list and click on the “Change Key Sequence” button. You don’t get much choice about key combinations so you probably will have to unselect the the “Switch keyboard layouts” option to avoid conflicts with blender. (You can still switch layouts from the keyboard icon in the toolbar.)

I hope this isn’t too confusing. Microsoft really could make this easier. By the way this is for XP. It’s similar for other versions of windows but I don’t have any other configured with my emulator, virtualbox. You can find info by searching for keyboard layout in the control panel’s help.

Exactly, this has nothing to do with Blender but with XP and keyboard Layouts.
I am French, my wife Austrian (speaks German) and we have an UK English keyboard: I know the problem too well :ba:


THANKS for the replies… It was a real bugga !!! Great forum.