Keyed particle system adjusting easing between two keys?

I’ve got a particle system with keys, as particles approach the keys they slow down. I’d like the particles to go through the keys at a constant velocity but how do I do that?

I’ve done a screen capture to demonstrate the problem.

Because keyed particles do not use keyframes (ironic, huh) to control movement there is no way to alter the f-curve to change easing. But some tips to remember about setup are.

1.) All participating particle systems should have the same number of particles.
2.) All participating particle systems should Start and End particle generation on frame #1.
3.) Do not use damping or other forces that create drag.
4.) On the master shape controlling particle system activate Use Timing and set the Duration for each shape rather quick, like 15 frames or so.

It was kind of hard to see the problem in the video you posted, but if you post the BLEND I can take a look.

Thanks atom, that’s all the info I was after, I thought I might be overlooking something. If there’s no straight forward way of easing, I guess it’s something I’ll live with for now, and it can’t be too noticeable as you didn’t see it in the video.

The normal emitter velocity can be adjusted to change the velocity through the keys, it’s tricky, but depending on the application it’s possible.