keyed poses aren't showing in 3d View

I’m seeing something odd which I haven’t encountered before. Hoping someone has seen it and can help me:-)

I have an armature properly deforming a mesh, but when I set keys at different frames (in this case, locRot keys for bones in the armature) I can see the keys in the Action editor, and I can see them in the IPO curve editor, but when i scrub on the timeline, all the bones fall back to their rest pose in all the 3d views. I also tried rendering on a frame I know I’ve posed and keyed, just to make sure it wasn’t specific to only the 3d view, but again, just rest pose. It’s really odd, like the keys just aren’t there as far as any views go. If it’s any help I appended the armature from another file. That shouldn’t matter, should it? Maybe a bug? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any help appreciated!

First, what version? 2.49b and 2.5x can act somewhat differently in some animation scenarios.

Re: the problem – are there any strips in the NLA Editor? The NLA can override any Actions currently assigned to an Armature.

Hey chipmasque,

You’re the man. It was an action in the NLA editor causing the problem. I didn’t think to look there since I had just appended the armature from another file and didn’t know it would bring actions with it! Big thanks:-) 2.49b by the way.

Unrelated to this thread, but concerning fluids with loki, I’ll look into it more closely when I have some free time. From what you said, it sounds not workable, but we’ll see if I can come up with something.