Keyframe Animation On Objects

I want to make a drop of blood run down the side of an object but I can’t figure out how to accomplish this. I have the notion that I should make either a nurb, or a UVSphere and animate it. But I can’t figure out how to keyframe one vertices on an object, only the object’s location as a whole. Anyone with any knowledge about this or ideas on how to do this please help. I basically need to animate the distortion of a spherical object. Thanks.

Jason Allen Bayne

You probable want vertex keys. Try this tutorial:

There are relative vertex keys that displace from a start point. That could be good since the overall object will be moving as well.

Appreciate the response will look into it. Was trying to animate vertices on a nurbs sphere and was able to get it to morph, but couldn’t figure out what i was doing. Will give the tuts a try though thanks a ton.