Keyframe Animation Question?

Hi there,

I’m trying to animate a fairly simple object, here’s my mockup

I built the object fairly easily, and have animated the front “forward / backward”… but I’m really having problems animated the Rotating Rear… I need to rotate it along it’s own X-Axis but everytime I try and use “LocScaleRotate” it just moves along the global Axis…

what’s the best way to create this animation?

here’s my Model, it’s fairly simple

Any help greatly appreciated as I’m really a blender Newbie



To animate the rotation the object first: select and press ALT+R, to clear the rotation. If the objects changes it’s rotation, rotate in place in Edit Mode.
Now, I’ll be assuming that the objects has no ipo curves assigned to it, so delete any it might have.
press I->Rot in frame 1.
Advance 25 frames
Rotate the object 90 degrees along the axis needed.
Press I->Rot
Now, open the IPO curve editor.
Select the curve, and press E->Extrapolation, the curve should turn into a straight line.
Go into that curve Edit Mode(press Tab)
Grab the rightmost vertex (there should be two) to control the slope of the line, which controls the speed of rotation.
Any doubt, you can ask=)

Thank You that’s a Massive, MASSIVE Help… I cant believe how great this Forum is !!! many thanks… I’ll post the results shortly :slight_smile: … just tidying up!!

Hey Starplayer…

here’s what I managed to make… pretty close for a first attempt
There’s a few discrepencies with the model, I’m going to tidy them up and reanimate it again…

I also need a little bit of help with UV Mapping, specifically the Sphere’s… But I’ll ask whe I get to that… many thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:


Duplicated post, sorry!

No problem! Yeah, it’s close, you just have to edit the IPO curves to make it match the original=)