Keyframe copying issue


I am having a big trouble copying set of animation keyframes to another keyframe location in the same model. I have created a human model where he does a walk animation. Walk animation is there between keyframes “1 - 25”. After that, i have some other animation like lipsync between keyframes “26 - 250”. I want to copy the first walk cycle keyframes (“1-25”) to some other keyframe location like “500 to 525” keyframes. So, i’m trying to copy “1 - 25” keyframes in DopeSheet by selecting those particular keyframes and going into “500 th” frame location and pasting it. I am doing it in PoseMode with selection of the entire human armature. There are two issues here,

  1. When i copy it in “500 th” frame, it extends from “250 th” frame until “500 th” frame, instead of just start pasting it from “500 th” frame
  2. The copied frames is showing improper human walk with improper armature, instead of the proper walk cycle with proper armature.

If i can fix the second issue, then i can manage fixing it. Please help solving the second issue.

Thank you.

When you make a copy like that keep an eye on Graph Editor. What do you see there?