Keyframe deletion

In my animation, how can I have it appear for a specific amount of time, so from 1 second to 5 seconds I want to show this, any other time don’t show it.

could you be a little bit more specific… ?
only way to remove keys during animation is by python i think… but i’m sure you don’t really need that… just tell me what you are trying to do…


In the NLA Editor add a Strip for that Action and hit N to get the Transform tab. Make the “Strip End” value 125 (5 sec). if you want it to start again at 10 seconds add another Strip and make the “Strip Start” value 250.


I did word that a little weird, sorry. I meant that I have and object, and I only want to show it for a certain amount of frames. How do I do that?

And Fligh, you might have answered the question I was trying to ask, but I have no idea what the NLA editor is.

Oh, the Now Life Appears editor? It’s a window type so find it under the icon at far left of all window headers. Shft-A to add a Strip for the active Action displayed. Toggle the icon at left of the Object name in the left-hand column to turn off the Action and turn on the NLA Strip.


Or are you asking about an object simply appearing and disappearing? If that’s the case you should use layer animation. Look at this page in the Wiki for enlightenment.