Keyframe for constraint offset?

Is it possible to set a keyframe in the IPO for the ‘offset’ setting in the ‘Follow Path’ constraint?

I’m in the middle of modelling something, and if it is possible it will save me a lot of time…

It doesn’t appear to be possible, just the inf(luence).

“Save you time” modelling … or animating? … I don’t know how any constraint will aid in modelling

You can hover the mouse pointer over the buttons window and press “i” to see what’s available (the available keys change depending on which buttons are displaed (material, object … etc).


true, it will save me time animating it, not modelling it…

i tried by pressing i, but it didnt seem possible… oh well, doesnt matter… i may have found a new way to do it

now another question, with the IPO ‘drivers’, if i set one of them to change its value depending on an objects XLoc, will it then go up when the XLoc rises? and fall when XLoc shrinks?

EDIT: ok, ive been playing around with drivers and they work fine, but is there any way to get the driver to work off the local X movement of an empty? or must it be global?

See, im making tank tracks, and using the global X works fine when its moving along the X axis, but if i want to turn and move along another axis it doesnt work (and if i move inbetween then it turns slower than it should)… if theres a way to do this i would be pretty happy :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: ok, i may have found a solution by using another empty as the rotation point for rotating the whole object… so dont worry about my previous questions… this thread is no longer needed :smiley: