Keyframe hair for Blender 2.8?

Any chance we can get this:

This was possible in the gooseberry branch sort of with shape keys.
This is needed in Blender and simulation can be done on top. I feel this is the possible route we can take while still having fully simulated feature as well
I am thinking of all the possibilities. We can even rig tentacles with hair strands and pose them with the comb brush makes things more direct and easiy ;- )

It looks like spring team only focused on a solution for animatics & previz, for the moment.

Solution in gooseberry branch seems to be less pratical. If it did not end up in 2.74 like other gooseberry hair features, there were reasons. But, since then, it is a recurrent question that somebody ask every 3 months on this forum : When will we have Hair Shapekeys from Gooseberry ?

Lukas Toenne who did gooseberry hair features is still experimenting. Since gooseberry, he created a dozen of branches to test different things from a developer point of view. There are all so specific that from a user point of view; none is useable to produce something.

Jacques Lucke should also give a node interface to particles for everything node project.

It is hard to tell, now, what will be done and when. But goal of hair development is to have something better than what we have.
And except the first part about animation of hair, the rest of video is already present in Blender.

  • When we are editing hair guides : children are visible.
  • Clump can be controlled by a texture.
  • Roughness can be controlled by a curve.
  • And now, EEVEE is giving a great realtime render to these hair.

Hair is not in the news, today. But when developers will have something to show, you can be sure they will have answers to the question that people does not stop to ask since years, now.

Thanks for the info, mate.

I was refering to the hair animation part of the video to demonstrate we once had something similar to this but it was viewed as a hack and removed when it is practical and very useful.
I still feel they should have given an official reason why it was removed because imho opinion, that feature was gold and if it was improved upon, we might be able to simulate between the shape key poses.

Is there a way I can contact the Blender devs, if possible Ton if they can release the gooseberry branch for those of us who need it?

The official reason was that code made for production was not safe enough to expand allow development of next releases of Blender.
Trying to have them more stable hair shapekeys would simply have conduct to too much work.
Since a long period, developers would prefer to remake particles instead of trying to debug them.
They will redo them as nodes with “everything nodes”.

So, gooseberry branch was not maintained. It is far from 2.79. No commit since 3 years.
Developers are currently fighting to make a working 2.8, they will not spend time trying to update code of gooseberry branch to 2.79.
Gooseberry branch code is available in git repository. If you are able to understand the blender code, you can try to update it. But don’t expect any support to do that.

Ok. I see. It is the coding.
In git repository? Does that mean I would need to build it or something? Can u provide a link to it?
I did contact Ton and the response was that the ‘‘gooseberry branch is public and binaries are downloadable for it.’’ and that a bit of google-fu is required… lol

It looks that there is only a build for OSX on graphicall.

As I said, it is 3 years old.

Cloud does not seem to host builds.
Builds are included in Cosmos Laundromat DVD if it does not bother you to buy one.
But sources are free and public.
You can find instructions to download sources and make a build on the wiki.

That’s unfortunate. There isn’t a windows option. O well. :- (

Pls, can anyone who still has a copy of the Blender gooseberry branch, pls kindly upload/share it for those of us who might need it?

Thanks :- )