KeyFrame help?

I made in animation in 24fps and afterward I realised it wasn’t in 60fps is there a way to scale up the keyframes to match so it’s still 60fps. otherwise the animation is too fast and i wont be able to make it slow mo in post

also is there a way to select and move keyframes?

The f-curve editor and the dopesheet/action editor pretty much work the same as the 3d view. The same goes for pretty much any part of blender. RMB selects, b-key to box select, s-key to scale, etc, etc…

So to select keyframes, RMB or box select all the keyframes you want, g-key to grab them and move them with the mouse. If you are working in the dopesheet/action editor, you’ll only be able to move them left/right. If you are working in the f-curve editor, you’ll be able to move them left/right and up/down. Up/down movement in the f-curve editor changes the values that are keyframed - for example, if your keyframe for x-loc is 5, moving it vertically will allow you to change the value to 10, or -10, depending upon how you move it. Considering what you are asking and your join date to this forum, I’m thinking you’re not messing around in the f-curve editor, so I’ll skip the finer details to working in there.

With that said, to answer your main question, since your animation is 24 fps, and you want in 60 fps, just simply scale the animation up. In the dopesheet/action editor, set the cursor to the start frame of the animation by LMB or using the left/right arrows on the keyboard. Then since 60/24 = 2.5 you want to scale your animation up by a factor of 2.5. So select all keyframes you want to scale - a-key to select all, b-key to box select, or RMB to select individual keyframes. S-key to scale and enter 2.5 on the keyboard to scale them to where you want to be.

Hope this helps…

I got it using the dopesheet thanks