Keyframe LocRot not saving issue

I’m having an issue with a character rig: Blenrig. I’m sure it is something I’m overlooking that is set in this .blend file, but after experimenting with it for about an hour with different .blend files/rigs, I don’t know what to check @ this point. Here’s what is happening:

My steps:
-(in posemode)
-select all keyframes in the action editor, and delete them.
-select an armature component (the base in this case), and rotate the character around.
-set a locRot keyframe
-save the file.
-re-open the file.
-When file re-opens, the character is back to his origional position, not rotated as-per my changes.

Any guesses as to what could be causing the changes not to be present when I open the file? I’m hoping it is something obvious and simple. If you want to see any screen shots, or any additional info, let me know.