Keyframe Markings

Hello Blender buddies.

I need some help with marking my key frames for a few animations. I’m totally new to this.

I have marked the keyframes but when i was done i realized that my the marks aren’t actually marked to specific actions of that particular rig.

Well what i got is 3 characters. Each of them have 3 different actions. I want each rig to have their markings. But i can’t figure out how.

So it possible?

I can only seem to have markings only on the Timeline, but i’d like the markings to be marked with each given action.

Any help would be really cool. Hope i explained well:)

Nvm. Just have to check Pose Marking in the action editor


Yes and no. You can’t use regular markers. But you can use what Blender calls “Pose Markers”. Here is how. Select your characters armature where you pose it. Then create a pose library entry. Go the the next pose on that character you want to mark, create another entry in your pose library. In the dope sheet action editor, under marker, select pose markers. Each pose you created now shows up as a marker on the time line where you put it. Repeat for each character. If you select another character, those poses will show up in the time line where you put them in the action editor.

PS Hi Neighbor!