keyframe problem with armatures

im having some trouble putting keyframes in. its not an experience problem, its just that its not working. if i use the record feature in the timeline window and then move a bone to create a keyfrme it will just snap back to its origional position. when i tried to insert keys manually the bone will stay in the place i put it, but there will be no recorded animation.

what ive ruled out so far is my interface and settings customization, and the specific file. the same thing happens with the default settings and on other files ive created where the keyframes worked with armatures before.

Are you useing the NLA editor? In some circumstances these strips can cause bones to do this if the NLA strips are overiding the action keyframes. I dont know if you have actions in the NLA editor though…

I also had these issues… Now, i don’t keyframe only the moved IK bone, but i include all the connected bones as well.
Since, every movement is absolutely running fine.

ah thanks, it was th NLA editor. i had copied the armature from the intro to charictor animtion and i gues i forgot to delete those.