Keyframe reference image sequence


In blender 2.8, you can import a reference image with a image sequence as its source - which is really helpful.
However, the image sequence will advance one image frame every blender frame.
Is it possible to have the first image frame stay for say 10 frames, the next frame stay for 15 frames, etc.


Under Frames amount and Start Frame settings of Image Sequence source, there is an Offset setting that can be animated.
It requires a little bit of mental gymnastic. Because that is a value that have to be subtracted to current frame.
So, to keep displayed same image during a certain period ; you have to animate and modify this value, subtracting different value at each keyframe.

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Thanks zeauro, that’s (almost) perfect.

On second inspection, that doesn’t seem to work properly.

Blender seems to have trouble deciding which frame to show so the frame number shown can be off by ± 1. Stepping through the video forwards will have a different effect to seeping through the video backwards. Note that the little number in brackets next to “frames” is correct, but what is actually displayed if wrong.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference which frame interpolation I use or if I set key frames every frame, the same issue occurs.

Note that it works correctly for materials, but not for background images.

do it manually with “advanced renamer” (download it) and take your 001 frame into a folder and duplicate it amount of times you want it to last on viewport. Do the same with all others, use batch renamer for each folder sequence. Then import into sequencer (blender) by tracks. Join them. Export them back to a final sequence.
This is so, that you will have your playback smooth and you (assertively) have know how long each frame should last.
Too long to describe, it´s easier done than said.

I found a solution with works using materials. It’s a bit cumbersome to set up, but it’s nice to use.

Simply set which frame number you want to appear in the left-most value box, and everything else will flow through fine. (make sure to use constant interpolation)

Alternatively, animate the left-most value so it always increment by one and adjust the individual value boxes so they set the start/end frames. (just use two key frames with linear interpolation)

I prefer the first method so that the keypoints appear in the dope-sheet.