Keyframe snapping query

I was wondering what the best way to achieve a group snap is? I would like all my keyframes to retain their relative positions but snap the first or last to a specific frame. If I make it an action I can’t edit the KFs anymore?:confused:

Can’t you just box select KF and move it, [G], with Time Snapping set to Nearest Frame?

Sure but I was trying to avoid zooming to confirm that I was parked on a specific frame, I would like to be able to play to a point and press Shift S to bring the keyframes from further away up to that point BUT respect their relative spaces still. Can I group or lock them some other way?

I would zoom the view way up on frame. So that all you see is the key frame column I like to align. I can zoom way up to 2 frame range. Hit [A] to select all key frames. And drag it and place it with eyeball close as you can. Then you can go back and snap that column set at “Nearest Frame”.