Keyframe to modify mesh emit level?

This may be a very naieve question but is there a way to add a keyframe to set the emit level in one frame and later in the animation set another key to modify the mesh’s emit level?
Essentially, what I am doing is giving an emit level to an object within the scene, but when this object appears, the level of emittance is overpowering. The other objects within the scene become extremely lit by the spot and emittance at the same time. To reduce the energy level from the spot light is not an option for this scene as it causes a weird dimming effect I do not want to be obvious to the viewer. :confused:

Hover over the material panels and I-key “All Color” which will keyframe the emit (and a bunch of other settings at the same time).

(More info just in case) -then move to another frame, change the emit slider and create another keyframe as above or (the best way) edit/key the resulting emit curve in the material IPO editor.

Than you.
I just cannot believe that this was as simple as “All Color” on the keyframe menu. By the way, this happens to be one of the only options on the menu I have not tried in my rush to get this project finished.
Much appreciation.:eek::smiley:

Like many things in Blender, simple but not too terribly obvious. And now I’m finding out that just a few weeks away from Blender can cause one to forget some of these simple little methods. Like…

Instead of using that All Color popup menu item it’s easier (and better/cleaner) to go into Material IPO editor, select the emit channel, then use Ctrl-leftclicks in the graph to create a curve for it.

I couldn’t remember how to set the first key when I replied earlier… ctrl-leftclick, doh! I knew that! slaps forehead. :slight_smile:

Hey btw, welcome to Blender Artists Forums.

Edit: Ctrl-leftclick not right. Doh! (my forehead hurts).