Keyframe: Whole character vs Loc-Rot vs Loc Rot Scale?

Keyframe: Whole character vs Location-Rotation vs scaling, etc?

Here’s a video fiddling with the character scale:

Why did adjusting and scaling the character on frame 3 and using loc-rot (not using scale) still keep the scaled up character for all frames? I’d figure because I didn’t key the ‘scale portion’, it wouldn’t key the size change. I also tried selecting everything (pressing A) and the results are the same.

I had the impression that on frame 1 and 2 the character would remain thin, while only on frame three would the character plump up.

Is using whole character for all key frames a problem or bad practice? If so, why? All the tutorials I’ve seen never fully explain why they choose a certain key frame type, most just seem to use loc-rot. Is ‘whole character’ keying redundant information? Does loc-rot decrease file size?

What’s the advantage/disadvantages to either?

Most of (nearly all) the time you don’t scale bones. You just use Location/Rotation.

If you don’t set any keyframes in the channel, the bone will just remain whatever you set it too. You scaled it up, so it is not animated: it will always be scaled up. To clear the scale, select the bone and hit ALT+S.

If you did want the character to become fat, I would consider shape key animation with the object’s mesh itself, not the armature.