Keyframes being made in non-active action??

Hey all,

I’m having this weird problem when I make keyframes using a custom keying set, the keyframes get made in another action clip, or a new one, rather than the one that is currently active. However, when I use just “LocRot” or the normal bunch of channels, it works fine and the keyframe is made in the active action.

The rig is a proxy of a linked character model. This is really weird because I’ve done it plenty of times before and this problem never came up. I thought it might be some button I clicked by accident so I made a new file and re-linked everything in but the issue persists. Any ideas?? (I’m using 2.70a)

Thanks in advance

Might be worth trying 2.71, in case this has been a reported and fixed bug. Certainly sounds like one to me, and worth reporting if it’s not fixed in newer builds already.