Keyframes disappeared

Quite new to blender, been working with the program for 3 months now.
I animated a camera “flying” through my scene.

Now the keyframes in the timeline disappeared. The camera is active and still does what I told it to. And I can even jump between the keyframes with the button but they just don’t show. They are invisible and i cant edit/move them etc.

Can someone tell me what happened?

I had a similar problem starting out. . I discovered that, by default, only the selected objects will show keyframes in the timeline. You can either make sure you have the desired object selected, or go to the view menu in the timeline pane and uncheck the “Only Keyframes from Selected Channels” option. Also, you can scroll the timeline vertically, so make sure that your keyframes are not scrolled off the top of the pane. Hope this helps.


@Paulala here is a video to explain what @Blender_In_The_Grass is talking about. Only selected objects with keyframes will show their keyframes if not selected you will not see them. This is cause the timeline would get way to confusing if all keyframes for all keyframed objects were shown when selected or not.


Thanks this solved the issue for me!