Keyframes not deleted?!


I’m developing a simple animation (only Loc&Rot).
I had a 50-frames animation with about 5 keyframes per object.

Then I wanted to change it all and deleted all keyframes.

But when I then had fixed everything in Frame 1, had set the keyframes for Frame 1, and moved to Frame 2, most objects changed position and rotation - when I moved back to Frame 1 it didn’t change.

I only got rid of it by pressing “Undo” several times - when I then fixed everything up again, the same thing occurred.

I’m just in the middle of rebuilding the whole scene from scratch right now…

Figure that’s a bug?

PS: Ver. 2.42a

keyframes are stored in IPOs. GO to the IPO window and then delete the curves.

You’ll have to describe exactly how you deleted the keyframes and what you did afterwards. Or try to recreate the circumstances with a couple of objects.

Also, if you have duplicated objects, the default setting under user preferences/edit Methods/duplicate with objects is to NOT create a new IPO, so any duplcated objects will share the same IPO’s, leading to some possible confusion, if you don’t notice the IPO curve name.


I still have the file at home, it shows this behavior even after reloading. I’ll attach it here as soon as I get there.
I deleted the Keyframes via the Keyframe Graphs Window in the Animation Screen (don’t know if this is the IPO editor :wink: )
They’re all gone there, nothing left at all.