Keyframes not sync anymore after editing bezier curve

Hello there,

i have a problem im running into and ill try to explain, so here i go:

I have set up a bezier curve. And i have a object constrained (follow path) with this curve. So for this animation to be less static im adding keyframes to the object to rotate etc. So far, so good. Now… after adding all these keyframes and finetuning them, im getting to the end of the curve animation, but i kinda wanna edit the way the curve ends. If i do this, it seems that the timeline is stretched, the keyframes are not sync anymore. The object keyframe animation is still the same but rotations come before the turns in the curve for example.

I think i know this has something to do with the lenght of the curve animation because im making the curve longer so these frames are spread over a longer distance while my keyframes of the object are still on the original timestamp. Is there any way to solve this? Like scaling object-keyframes with the curve-animation-frames? Or do i need to start all over?

I hope u understand what im trying to say :smile:

Thanks in advance

Hey, you could try and animate the 'Offset", but IDK, might be easier to just redo it, I assume you hit the ‘Animate Path’ button…