Keyframes Not working

I am trying to animate something but not sure what is going on with it… I’m maybe missing something but don’t know what… I’ve animated characters before…
I built my little character, added the bones, I selected the end bone in a link like the arm, clicked on add constraint, and clicked on Inverse Kinematics…I went to the Inverse Kinematics panel and set them…
I had the figure standing still in frame 0 I hit i>LocRot to create the keyframe,
In frame 1, i made a slight change to position… typed i>LocRot to create the next keyframe.
In frame 5, made a change to position both the arms and the legs… typed i>LocRot to create that next keyframe
I added frames 10 and 20
but when I check it… not working… arms not moving at all… leg is making one movement but not others…
I have redone it about 6 times now and don’t know why it is not working… don’t know if I’m missing something or what is going on… I’ve done these animations before and had no problems… I did some dancers dancing to music and never had an issue with keyframes not working after I set them.
is there something in the file I am missing?



Heart.blend (1.06 MB)

I think the problem is that you are only inserting a keyframe for the single bone you moved. You probably want to keyframe all the bones. Most of your bones only have a single keyframe, if you open a dopesheet window and zoom in you will be able to see it better. I would:
1)Go to frame x (1 to start)
2) Move the bones, that is pose them in pose mode
3) Select ALL the bones (hit a until they are ALL blue-green)
4) Insert the keyframe i, locrot


I’ll try that again… I didn’t have to select them all before… only had to pose the different moves and it always worked… but this is first time doing with the 2.63. my other animations were all done in 2.49 I had even gone into Object mode and did A to select everything before doing the keyframes and that didn’t work either… will try to select all the bones and see what happens…
Thanks for looking at it…

Here’s what I think you’re doing. You are taking bone 1, posing it. Taking bone 2 and posing it. Taking bone 3 and posing it. With only bone 3 selected you are inserting a keyframe, so the only keyframe is on bone 3, all your other poses on the other bones are lost.

I think you are confusing keyframing an object’s location and rotation, with an armature. With an object you can insert a single keyframe on the location and rotation, boom done. With an armature you need to insert it for all the bones.

thanks… might have been thinking that…it has been at least 2 years since I did any animations and I couldn’t find the information I had about doing the keyframes so was not getting it to work. so I entered my armature poses now and once the last arm or leg was moved, I hit a to highlight all the bones and then did my keyframe… it worked. thank you much for your help setting me right. I am now trying to learn it better… I’m wanting to try and model some animals and animate them… if I can… appreciate your help…
Been watching a lot of tutorials for different things and making notes and trying them all out. A lot to learn, but I’ve been sitting here for hours at a time working on it…
have a good day

It’s tricky stuff, once you do it a few times it becomes second nature. The first time you go through it you bang your head for a few hours, and the second time you more or less fly through it.

Well, you might well intuitively expect that, if you set a bone as the controller of an IK-chain, and you keyframe only the movement of that bone (this being the only one that you moved, in design mode …), that the IK-solving process would occur again when the animation is recorded. But it doesn’t work that way. All of the bones that move, directly or indirectly, must be keyframed.